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Orange County’s Top Workplaces for Healthcare

The following Healthcare-related companies have been recognized as Top Workplaces in 2017 based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees. They were named by the OC Register and numerous other highly acclaimed organizations.


marquee medical

Marque Medical –  Midsize company with 118 employees
Provides a solution to the jam-packed primary care offices and costly emergency rooms, our urgent care centers are properly staffed with experienced, multi-specialty physicians who are dedicated to the wellness of our patients.
Locations:  Aliso Viejo, Buena Park, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Pacific Beach in San Diego, Rancho Santa Margarita.



SureFire CPR: – Small-sized company (40 employees)

An industry leading CPR training center located in Orange and Laguna Hills offering classes for CPR certification, ACLS certification, PALS certification, BLS certification, First Aid and more. They provide a team of professional firefighters, paramedics, nurses, and emergency medical technicians to respond to 911 emergencies each and every day.


Pacific Companies: Small-sized company with 36 employees
Helps staff hospitals, health care systems and private practices with quality physicians.
With 29 specialty practice areas ranging from Anesthesiology to Urology.


orange coast

Orange Coast Memorial Care – Large company with 1,528 employees
A full service hospital and the only nonprofit hospital located in Fountain Valley. Known for delivering high quality patient care, ratings of excellence in nursing and superiority in patient care and identified as one of the “Best of Orange County”, by readers of the Orange County Register. In addition, US News and World Report named the hospital as one of the best regional hospitals.



Staffs more than 300 physicians, which includes over 80 orthopedic specialists.  They specialize in treatments of the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow disorders and take pride in their focus of sports medicine, orthopedic trauma and care of the extremities.  Locations are in Irvine, Newport Beach, and Orange.


coury buehler

Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy
Small company with 85 employees
Offers the best, most highly trained staff of physical therapists in a state-of-the art facility.
Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Brea, Orange, Irvine, Lake Forest, Santa Ana, and Tustin.


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Things That Can Go Wrong When Under Contract to Sell Your Home

During a hot real estate market, homeowners feel confident about their home’s appreciation and keep an eye out for a potential new place to buy. While it is true, a majority of homes sell routinely without problems, some sales do have problems that arise.

With that being said, the following are things that can go wrong during a home purchase transaction:

mission viejo home

  1. Making bad decisions based on advice from friends and family members who have no experience in the real estate industry.
  2. Seller or buyer are not willing to negotiate.
  3. The home inspection uncovered major issues that neither the buyer or seller are willing to pay to repair.
  4. The appraisal report comes back substantially below the contract price.
  5. The appraiser is unable to find comparable properties for the lender so the financing falls apart.
  6. The buyer does not want to remove loan contingency because they have not satisfied the underwriting conditions.
  7. The buyer’s letter was a pre-qualification, not a full pre-approval which verifies credit, income, assets and job.
  8. The buyers are unable exit their current lease without paying a large lease cancellation fee.
  9. The buyer didn’t lock the interest rate and does not qualify at the higher interest rate.
  10. The closing date is pushed back due to buyer or lender errors or incomplete documents.
  11. The title search shows liens, leased land, oil rights, etc that cause a delayed closing.
  12. The pest and termite inspection finds the home is significantly infested.
  13. Buyer or Seller has to abruptly go out of town and did not remember to obtain a Power of Attorney.
  14. During escrow, the Buyer or Seller encounters a life changing event.
  15. Someone fails to disclose pertinent information relevant to the transaction.
  16. Buyer or Seller gets cold feet and wants to back out of the deal.
  17. The home is not insurable due to a variety of reasons, newly designated fire zone, recent land movement, etc.
  18. The buyer makes a major purchase on credit just before closing that exceeds the loan program’s maximum debt to income ratios.
  19. Seller decides to not sell because the job transfer is cancelled, marriage reconciliation, and so on.
  20. Seller is unable to locate an acceptable home they want to buy.
  21. Seller does not let the appraiser or inspector see the home’s interior.
  22. Seller does not have sole authority to sell property due to other owners.
  23. Seller gives knowingly false pertinent information about the home and neighborhood to the buyer.
  24. Seller does not sign final closing documents.
  1. Picking the wrong real estate agent! Using an experienced, well-informed licensed agent can get you to the finish line. They understand the challenges and how to solve them. It’s important to get to good real estate agent.
orange county

Increasing Numbers of Homeowners Are Thinking of Selling

There are Encouraging Signs That More Homes May Be For Sale.

The era of low housing inventory could be shifting based on a recent home survey by the National Association of Realtors.  The survey discovered that 80 percent of homeowners feel now is a great time to sell.

The days of tight housing inventory could be a blessing for many in Southern California where competition is fierce. Additional research can be found in Fannie Mae’s most recent Home Purchase Sentiment Index, increased by 1.2 points in August to a measurement of 88. The net result is a rise of 21 percentage points in 12 months of those homeowners who are seriously consider putting their home up for sale.

costa mesa street

Harbor Blvd Costa Mesa, source: Wikipedia

Invisible Inventory
The inventory for housing in Orange County has had low inventory and bidding has been super competitive for months. Home builders are trying to pick up the slack but another leading factor has been hesitant-to-sell homeowners.

As location and job growth continue to boost housing prices in Southern California, many owners just aren’t ready to put their homes on the Orange County MLS and then take their chances in the competitive bidding wars for their next home.

Local economic forecasters don’t anticipate a full housing recovery until the years 2019-2021. At that time, yearly sales volume should be close to 46,000 in Orange County supported by a strong local job market along with Baby Boomers retiring in large numbers, selling and typically purchasing smaller and low maintenance homes. Perhaps some will move out of state based on national surveys and more inventory in nearby states.

With approximately 80-percent of homeowners claiming now is a good time to sell their home, it can the optimal time to sell. It was only a year ago that 67 percent of homeowners felt that way. You don’t want to be selling when everyone is because that will drive down prices. So,  listing your home for sale now actually could be a good time to sell.

First-time Home Buyers
A survey by NAR also discovered another positive sign: an increasing number of renters are confident about purchasing a home. As much as 62 percent of current renters believe now is a good time to be a homeowner. This is a 12 percent leap from the previous quarter. Locally in Orange County, the numbers may be less due to the higher home prices. However, condos and townhomes are great entry-level options for first time home buyers.

Many renters are motivated to buy due to having a more stable income and if their rent increases.

selling real estate

Are You Really Ready to Sell in OC?

Your home is about to be listed for sale in Orange County. You did your homework and picked a really knowledgeable Realtor who is very sharp. Your home has great curb appeal. As a matter a fact, it looks so good now, you think to yourself, “why am I selling?”.

You remember all the recent straightening-up and cleaning until the inside is tip-top clean that not even a white glove will get dirty if you run it along the surfaces.  You feel your home can now be on the cover of magazines.

The only question is, are you truly ready to sell your home and prepared for the next steps over the next few days, weeks and months.

People sell their homes for many reasons such as relocating for a job or loss of job, home is too small for their growing family or the home may be just too big due to family or friends moving out.

You have to determine far ahead of time if listing your home for sale is the right move for you in Orange County. Does it make financial sense? Are you fine with moving away from your friends and neighbors in South County to L.A, Riverside, or North Orange County for a job? Maybe you could still commute on the 5 or 405 freeway, or the Ortega highway to Southwest Riverside for work and simply add-on to your home or keep it as a rental?

For homeowners who are on the fence about their decision, an experienced Realtor will help you decide if listing your property now is the best choice for you personally.  Aliso Viejo House

Your Home is Actually a Product

When you put your home on the market, it becomes just another property for sale, not the best one as so many of us think. To the average consumer, your home is just another real estate listing. During open houses, some people will be in and out in one-minute flat while others will browse and envision your home for 30 minutes or more.

Let your agent know which features of your home will have buyers excited and which areas you wish to have less emphasis on. Never try and hide any known issues. If there are issues you know about it needs to be disclosed on a real estate legal form. Your agent will give you advice regarding this.

What to expect before you accept an offer

You should have plenty of interested buyers who want to view your home if you and your agent did a good job. You need to be ready for several home showing each day, during the day or night after work hours. This can complicate things if you have kids and pets. Don’t worry, this won’t go on for a long time.

If you are able to do this, get out of the home for that first week or two.  Your Realtor should be able to take care of everything while you are away.

Once your home sells, where are you going to move to?

This is becoming a growing concern among many since there is low housing inventory in Southern California. You have to plan for your next home before you sell yours.

If you have the financial means to buy your next home before your sell your current home is always an ideal way to go. But If prior to buying you need to use the sales proceeds from your current home, you will have to either buy a home contingent on the sale of your current home or wait for your existing home to close prior to making an offer on a new home.

What do you do when selling your current home before buying a new home? A common solution is to request the buyers of your home to lease it back to you for 30 to 60 days.  In a high demand market, where the sellers are in control, it can be pretty easy to get a seller leaseback when buyers are determined to win the bidding war. It can work but if the buyers are obtaining financing, the lender may have a condition they move in within 30 days of closing.

If the seller leaseback is not an option, a short term rental at weekly hotels may work as well. This type of housing situation change may motivate you buy a home you normally would not due to being in a noisy weekly hotel.

What do you do if your home is not selling?

Are you able to rent out your home, and in doing so, do you have the required down payment to buy your next home. Will the rent of your home cover all your housing costs such as principal, interest, taxes, insurance and HOA costs? Will you have property management company handle it?

Everyone’s situation is unique so having a backup plan is a good idea.

Newport Beach Boardwalk

Orange County Home Prices mid-2017

As we passed through the halfway point of 2017, the housing market in Southern California maintained its red hot pace with home prices hitting all-time high, again, and sales just one notch below their record high since 2006.

According to reports by real estate research firm CoreLogic, the median price of an Orange County home is $695,000 in June 2017.  If we go back exactly one year ago in June, the current home price is 6.1 percent more.  That’s pretty good appreciation and well above the inflation rate of 1.73 percent from July 2016 to present.

Additional data reports by CoreLogic reveal there were 3,803 closed transactions in June by home buyers and sellers, the second-highest monthly figure dating back to June 2006. The typical June average in Orange County is 4,100 transactions and it is well below the record number of sales which occurred in August 1988 at 6,488.

Another interesting statistic in June, was the $500,000 median price of all Southern California homes. This number has not been touched since August of 2007.  The record high for median home price for all Southern California homes was $505,000, attained on three instances and all in the year 2007.

In Orange County, new construction home transactions are responsible for 30-35% of the sales as of July 2017. Many buyers are choosing to purchase a new home rather than a re-sale home for several reasons. When buying a newly constructed home, the buyer has the option to choose the home design layout, upgrades and special options.